Who We are

What We Do

Banking Advisory and Global Payment Solution
PAISA is a trusted and legally regulated Company that possess decades of experience in managing global payment and integrating with the wealth management approach.
Our market intelligence centres conduct powerful analytics to present financial solutions for your business. We evaluate industry-specific needs and design strategic activities so you grow relentlessly across the globe.
With unique industry knowledge, we act as a reliant partner in rendering digital banking solutions bringing reasonable value to your financial activities.
“Last two years, PAISA supported us in the Global payment, Digital, and payments industries. It provides us with a clear image of a competitive beautiful place, insight on key players, and detail on recent events, material we value across the business.”
“PAISA, with its Capital intensive and increasing coverage of Banking & Payments in many other things and Global Payments.”

CEO Message

The banking and financial market is undergoing a radical transformation in raising the requirements of businesses with the advancement in technology. Looking at that, PAISA has modified the approach and made a revolutionary entry for meeting the ever-changing expectations of the consumers with an innovative framework.
We are growing as a team and expanding our geographical frontiers seeking to open new doors. Our consistent effort to provide you a clear picture of the competitive landscape is bound to evolve as per the situation demands.
PAISA is & will be a never-stopping company dealing in global payments with full integrity and transparency. We aim to excel across the International Borders- more legally and more ethically.
Fayaz Ali 
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
PAISA MPS(Banking Advisory & Payment Gateway)

Mission / Vision Statement

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